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The Victorian Spatial Council was established in September 2004 under the Victorian Spatial Information Strategy 2004-07.

Its members represent the peak spatial information associations for business, government, academia, the professions, and key interest groups.

All sectors work together through the Council to lead a coordinated whole of spatial information community approach to policy development, custodianship, management and utilisation, and provide a mechanism for cross-sectoral consultation and liaison.

Through its web site, the Council will keep you informed about its activities and the policies and tools to support spatial information management, and bring you stories about how spatial information is being used and developed in Victoria and elsewhere.

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The Council undertakes a range of activities focusing on advocacy for the institutions and infrastructure that will ensure effective delivery of and access to spatial information.

Victorian Spatial Information Strategy 2015-2018

On 13 May 2015, the Council launched its third Spatial Information Strategy.

Through the Strategy, the Council will be seeking to create the conditions that support the prosperity and wellbeing of Victorians by the on-going provision of quality spatial information.

Read the full Strategy here.




Spatial News | Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

Landmark 53 now available  //  The August 2015, and final, edition of Landmark is now available. Please see the important notice from the VSC Chair.

Victorian Spatial Information Strategy 2015-2018  //  The VSC's third Victorian Spatial Information Strategy was launched on 13 May 2015