Custodianship Program

Features of InterestThrough the Custodianship Program, an organisation acknowledges that it is the single authoritative source for a dataset. It agrees to take appropriate care in the collection, storage and maintenance of the information. The Program provides a framework in which companies, agencies and government departments can confidently share their location/geographic information within a secure and controlled environment. Should I become a Custodian?

Overview of CustodianshipWhy Custodianship?
Spatial data is valuable, not only to the organisation that creates and maintains it, but to others. Being able to visualise your own information in the context of other infrastructure, features or land use brings more certainty, better decisions and improved communication.
Spatial data is often duplicated
, both within and between organisations. By identifying the 'authoritative source' of data (the Custodian), we eliminate the need for others to duplicate their work and the resulting inefficiencies, less reliable decisions,project delays and increased cost.
Spatial data is hard to find
. Custodianship unlocks data that was previously only accessible through lengthy searches and one-onone licence negotiations.

How will custodianship benefit my organisation?

Establishing custodianship of a spatial dataset is fundamental to many programs such as the Notification and Edit system which will improve the quality and access to spatial data in Victoria.

Spatial data usersThe Custodianship Team, within Spatial Information Infrastructure Group (SII) guides you through the process of becoming a custodian, providing templates, tools and advice. SII provides ongoing support and forums for Custodial Officers

A framework of standard agreements manage issues such as copyright and liability to open up access to new and valuable data for improved decision making. A database enables on-line search and description of datasets. Standard distribution channels ensure that users receive updates whenever they are issued and custodians know and control who is using the data.

A series of Fact Sheets and FAQs have been developed to explain the issues surrounding Custodianship.

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